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Praise & Satisfaction~for... Nanas Art
copyright med GBGS
  God Bless, God Speed ~  
"WOW this is amazing!!!!!!! I love it!
Thank You!" Linda
" Your drawing brought tears to my Mom and Dad! You are a great talent ! To be able to touch people thru your art work !
Thanks Nana xoxoxo" Shaniko
"Nana......I finally had the chance at Christmas to see the amazing picture that you did for Gerald, Linda & the kids!!  Wow...it's a pretty touching picture when I see my Mom & Dad with tears in their eyes!  Well all of us did!  That's a great compliment to your artistic talent!! TYVM “   Sharon

“Thank you very much, the picture is amazing can't wait to get it framed and show off”  Gerald

"You recognize our patriotism!!
All our sacrifices, all the sacrifices our families had to endure while we were overseas.
We were proud to serve our country and our families were proud of us for doing so.
That is how I interpret this piece!
Keep it up you make me proud!!" Darcy
God Bless, God Speed ~ “I want to thank you so very much for the package, the drawing is amazing, & I can not wait for Gerald to open it up, I know it is going to mean so very very much to him. He is a very good man, proud proud father, & an excellent soldier. I am a very lucky woman to have him in my life, & we have 3 great kids, that without him, I would never have.
I know this picture is everything he is, so again thank you very much for what you have given to my family.“   Linda
copyright sm jed
copyright sm girl
copyright sm Boy

Jed ~ "A friend of mine has this on her wall at home and it has made a loss in her life easier to live with, she has him "with" them still, truly a gift." Cathy


"I'm tearing up...
She's so beautiful!"
Andrea {Mom}


I love his expression!"
Andrea {Mom}

copyright sm cowboy
copyright sm waiting

Cowboy ~
"Oh Nana, so gorgeous" Christine
“Hypnotizing..mesmerizing..." Monica
"man of my dreams..." Darlene


Best Buds ~
"As always, I am in awe of your talent. 
Very nice." Sonia
"beautiful the eyes have a lot of expression." Sandi


Waiting ~
"wow!...very good nana!..." Line
"the detail unreal - u r something Nana - WOW" Dawn
"This is amazing detail.." Jen

copyright lg Break 1940s
  Takin a Break ~
“A couple of months ago I finally was able to make a trip to see my uncle and give him the sketch you had done for me some time ago.
I believe you had titled it "Taking a Break".

He was quite moved by the picture and it drew the interest of some of the other men around.

One of the onlookers was a man who had been a neighboring farmer for many years.

As soon as he saw the sketch he immediately pointed out my grandfather and said to my uncle "That's Papa".

The picture is now hanging on his wall."

"Very, very, nice job."  Marlene
copyright sm zen
copyright sm boyd and dave

Stallion LOGO ~
“PERFECT.   Thanks”   Rhonda

"I like this, it makes you look for the girl, while you are looking at all the other hidden objects.” Nancy


Zen ~ "Fantastic!!! Its beautiful." Darcy
"Truly amazing work Nana!! Wow!! " Stacey
"Very nice" Troy
“she's gorgeous! You simply amaze me with your talent." Waverly
“I love her tatoo, you are a fabulous talent.”  Christine


Boyd & Dave ~

"Wow..Wow..WOW!  Nice work!" Monica

“ your art work is awesome!!” Audrey

copyright sm spring delight
copyright sm ballerina
copyright sm Best Friends

Spring Delights ~
"Oh, Nana. You captured a gorgeous scene at just the right moment. It's spectactular, peaceful." Jeris

  Ballerina ~ " This looks like our girl!!   Moved to tears Nana.  Absolutely stunning detail. xoxo " Christine {Mom}
"It's really coming along well. I can't believe how much it looks like me on the updated picture. You have a knack for this!!!!!” Jamie {daughter}
  Best Friends ~ "Wow Nana! I am just so excited to finally have my artwork home. It's just FANTASTIC! Better than I could've ever imagined!  I can't wait to see my parents reaction to their print in the gorgeous barnwood frame you made! xxJen"

copyright sm Oprah
copyright sm wings
copyright sm hannibal

Oprah ~
"She's so beautiful, yes she would love it!" Nancy
"You've captured her beautifully!! " Stacey

  Wings ~
"so beautiful, thank you from my heart" Rebecca

“Hannibal looks amazing “  ~ Christopher

copyright sm Leather n Lace
Leather n Lace ~
“Absolutly fantastic and one of those things you never forget.  I will cherish it always" Corinne
"Good Gosh Nana that drawing is Awesome, kudos to you, you achieved such expression in Fancy's eye. " Sandi
copyright sm Bono Edge
copyright sm marilyn

Bono & the Edge ~
"Truly amazing work Nana!! Wow!! " Stacey


Why ~
"Wow, that's powerful... love the shadows of the fence- what a message." Sonya Spaziani
"Beautiful and very powerful work!" Angela


Norma Jeane ~ “I saw your Marilyn Monroe picture and it is absolutly beautiful, I have collected everything Marilyn since I was a kid. Your art is truly amazing ! “  Sherri-Lynn

copyright sm elvis
copyright sm the Stand
copyright sm the dance

Elvis ~

"This is gorgeous" Julie

"amazing work" Sunce


The Stand ~ "WOWZA! Love it!" Sonya Malecky Spaziani
"Hi Nana, this is awesome watching the picture develop, it is like writing a story. I own the grey Arab mare you drew some time ago with the little bay filly really enjoy your art and photos of the "wildies" I love Kiger Mountain mustangs." Debi


The Dance ~

"You really can capture their spirit in your work!" Naomi

“Very Beautiful art, Love it !!”  Lori

copyright sm Oshunnah bust
copyright sm Oshunnah
copyright sm Oshunnah running
Oshunnah ~
"You do such sensitive work... this is lovely..." Laura Leigh
"I`ve really enjoyed watching the step by step transformation of your work of art nana, like you put part of your soul into it!
what a gift you have " Mike
copyright sm the Quest
copyright sm Adobe Wind
copyright in the name of Love med

The Quest ~ "Wow, so realistic. Love his expression, your details are amazing. Stunning work!" Jennifer
"WOW! That knocks my socks off! Great job!" Sonya Malecky Spaziani
"i used to think i was quite good at detail but looking at your art you are awesome on a whole new level. i love it" Gary Ant Bland


Adobe Wind ~ "Incredible!!!!  To capture the essence of a moment, for any artist there is no greater gift." Mark Alan Keyser
“Nana, your artwork is amazing! Very, very nice.” Barbara Wheeler

                “Your work is wonderful, breath taking...amazing!” Stacey

In the Name of Love ~

"Nana, I love how you capture nuances of horse behavior!" Carl Mrozek

"Beautiful Nana! I love the detail." Barbara Wheeler

Mountain Lake Cabin with Eagles 08 sm
Lush Quad Stop 08 sm
Mountain Falls 07 sm

Lush Quad Stop ~ "Love the paint layering.  The trees look so vibrant like the sun is picking up it's newest leaves." Jen


Mountain Falls ~ "the Water is beautiful and hypnotic!" Jen

for the Wildies

May the spirit of the wild Horses
blow through your Hair

May the thundering of their Hooves
elevate your Heart

May the Grace and Beauty
that is theirs
flow all around

And may they be

~ nana 2012
for the Wildies Framed
For the Wildies ~ "WONDERFUL! Art and writing." Sonya Malecky Spaziani
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