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I am a Base Brat and very Proud of it.
I thank my father every day, for the priviledge and experiences that make up my life, due to this fact.
Although I never joined the forces, I grew up with other base brats, and in my later years worked within the structure that was the base, including the Canadian Forces Ski School, aka 4 CMBG. Even as I was shaped into the woman I would become through these life lessons and opportunities, I also met some truly wonderful people; many of whom I still count amongst my dearest friends.
I also had the great honour of capturing some of the military exercises and deployments within graphite rendered Commemorative prints, which are pictured here on these pages.
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  It is in this same vein of honour, gratitude and tremendous respect
that I offer up these remaining archived prints, for bulk purchase at a discount,
for your accredited organization to then sell
with your own added mark-up,
to create funds to assist the amazing work you do,
in supporting our Veterans.

I add to this, my sincere appreciation. nana

Please contact me, if you have additional questions and for specifics of shipping and pricing.
Please NOTE: this may have started on Valentine's,
but it is on-going. If I can help you through my Artwork, please let me know.
Softail lg sample
14 x 17 " ~ 58 Prints left
CAD $ 55