the Process
Cats & Dogs
Black & White
Sample Pricing ~ ~ ~ ~ Graphite Commissions

I commit to each stroke and each brushing, confirming shadows and illuminating highlights.
I spend up to 160 hours focused on the graphite details
to ensure the finished Masterpiece is the highest and truest representation of the Subject.

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All drawings on Acid-Free paper
ALL Artwork is un-Framed
The following Prices are guidelines ONLY
copyright sm jed
1 Subject *
14" x 17"
CAD $ 3500.00
11" x 14"
CAD $ 2950.00
add Text*
CAD $ 500.00
{contact me for details}
copyright sm the boys
2 Subjects *
14" x 17"
CAD $ 3950.00
11" x 14"
CAD $ 3350.00
3 Subjects *
14" x 17"
CAD $ 4450.00
11" x 14"
CAD $ 3950.00
Kat sm
Special Circumstances
Motorcycle and person, or other structural, natural and personal combinations may result in a higher price, due to details.
I typically like to see photos and discuss ideas, prior to alluding to a price.
  I reserve the right to adjust pricing; subject detail, size & composition; prior to final contract agreement.  
  Once project drawing details are confirmed, we set the details and Ceiling price in a contract.  
I keep track of my project hours. I will not nickel and dime you. Nor sacrifice Quality Artwork for $$
If I go under the estimated hours; you pay less. If I draw more, you still only pay the ceiling price.
  Web Site Prices
I make every effort to keep the pricing information on my web site current. However, because pages on my web site may be stored in cache on your computer or on proxy or Internet relay servers, old pages may remain visible to you for a period of time even after I've updated them on my server. Therefore, prices provided on my website are for informational purposes only, and I reserve the right to change them without notice at any time.
Note: once we sign a contract, the price is fixed.