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a few words about Copyright
  clint ccb  
On each of my images, I place 'www.nanasart.com'.
I feel there is some confusion about copyright. Yes, of course it has to do with intellectual ownership of a creation. I use it mainly to identify 'my creations'. When one views something of mine, on-line, if they like it and would like to connect with me or more of my creations, they have a way to find me, via my website. It also means that in order for me to be able to support myself, I appreciate those who would exchange the energy of money for the energy of a visual or worded representation that I create. Thus if you right-click on my website, you should get a message that further confirms this. I thank you very much in your adherence to this policy. To note, I have often enjoyed other's artworks, and appreciate when their information is attached to the piece, so that I may easily find them.
Let the artists know that you appreciate them and their works.
  marilyn ccb  
  bono ccb  
I have also drawn many of my favourite people. I simply could not help myself. It started innocently enough, listening to U2 for hours on end, as well as, Dave and Boyd of DMB. Growing up watching movies of Marilyn and Elvis, and of course listening to Elvis' Christmas music album each year. Absolutely adoring horses and watching western movies my entire life; how can one not appreciate Clint Eastwood and John Wayne ?
Having a natural bent for source energy and all that that entails ~ seeing Beauty everywhere I looked, how would I then not admire a woman like Oprah, who has shed light on so many valuable aspects, people and situations ?

As an Artist, I simply could not help myself. Within the vein of admiration, respect and appreciation I was 'drawn' to draw them. Simple as that.
  edge ccb  
  john ccb  
I actually sent prints of these drawings to each of these amazing people, via their people, but always addressed to them.
We seem to live in a world that has so many layers of armour all around everyone, at each step. Processes and red tape; even I am certain, in some cases, reaching out depends on the mood of the receiver, on any given day.
If any of these amazing people, see my website, see my artwork of them, know that it is with utmost respect, that I simply wanted to offer unto you a graphite reflection of all the amazing light you have offered, not only to me, but to the world.
Thank you for lighening our moments; through your music, your portrayals, your spoken words; those things you in turn have shed light on, for the greatest good of all.
  oprah ccb  
  boyd ccb  
If any were to contact me, I would be delighted for the connection and honoured to send you the original graphite drawings. You could auction them for a charity of your choosing, or any other such extension of expansive goodness.
I would simply ask to be apprised, for I would love to share and highlight the exponential ripples ~ we truly are in this magnificent ride called Life, together ~ connected in Love, as One.
In return, I would be thrilled attending U2, in concert at Castle Slane or DMB at the Gorge. Who am I kidding, I'm like a little kid, here, already excited at the thought of immersing myself in this amazing musical energy. ♫ ♪
And Oprah, if you would have me draw your beautiful Dogs, you need only contact me. With profound appreciation, immense respect and loving Gratitude.
  dave ccb