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co-created with my Divine Sponsors ~ a collective of the Essence of Artists
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I have been blessed to receive, amongst my divine friends, source essence of Artists. I humbly dedicate this space to them. The painters, drawers, sculptors, photographers, weavers, authors, poets, songwriters, singers, musicians, philosophers, actors and comedians, as well as, all those behind the scenes who have offered them their support, for our awareness and celebration of them.
Thank you, so much.

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The Gifts they present to the world are of pure light and love, as are they. They bring forth an opportunity to rise above the daily hum-drum of the grind. It has always been thus, throughout all time and space. Indeed their goal is to remind you, that you are capable of accessing this enlightened feeling of pure joy and abandon; whether propelling you to a deeper awareness through their portrayal in a story, making you shake with absolute mirth at their antics, offering a forgotten time within a string of words, sensing bodily reverberations upon musical notes or rising above that which is habitual, via the inherent Beauty in a dimensional work of Heart. All of this is energetic Love and Light; which you receive as an elevated feeling; a lightening.
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They are to be honoured, appreciated and mostly revered; as bringers of the Light. Oftentimes, whether they know or not, their purpose is to lighten your load, to offer you respite and to lead you into a dimension of sheer abandon, even if for a little while; reminding you that you are capable of, indeed longing for the remembrance of this energetic vibration of pure love and light.
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In some instances, the burden they place upon themselves, to bring forth the light is increasingly greater, faced with mankinds stubborness to elevate long enough to really sense and breathe in this shift of awareness; refusing to relax into the flow long enough, to recognize the stream. The artists go to ever greater lengths to provide and spread the Beauty of all that is; drained by the obscure details of darkness; of a global society convinced that they have no choice, other than what is presented to them, day after day. As they try to balance the need within the dark and the promise of the light, sometimes they loose their way; the burden too great to bear. They return to the Light, and yet still shining from within our awareness of them. Henceforth, approach all artists with the Reverance and Light and Love they so truly deserve.
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Reflect the Light back to them, even if for a moment, even if only to share your awareness with them, that they made a difference in your day, in your week. This reflected light and love in turn, renews their hope and their purpose. In awareness and appreciation, this love and light grows expansively; creating even more Beauty and Laughter and Love in the world. We all benefit. In your awareness, with loving Gratitude for Artists, you add to the Vibrational Stream of Love and Light; the proximity thereof reflecting back to you, for your greatest good and the greatest good of all. Anything less is less; expansively.
Allow unto them the private details of their lives, as you cherish your own. Embrace the Light and Love they bestow, it is enough.
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Within my site, you will see a variety of references, presentations and highLights to many Artists. These are my tributes to all the Artists; in loving Gratitude, profound Awareness and immense Appreciation, expansively and exponentially. Thank you. I Salute you all, for your Gifts. I count myself blessed, in my awareness of you.