the Winds of Change
  copyright lg pinto stallion  
the Winds of Change © 2011
Pinto Stallion ~ l'étalon Peint
  14" x 17" ~ Graphite ~ 35cm x 48cm  
Winds of Change fwb sm
Fine Art America
        Artist's Choice ~ Choix d'Artiste  
  unframed ~ Original ~ non-cadr√©     Frame ~ Cadre: Black ~ Noir  
        "CUL4 +"  
        Mat ~ le Mat: 2" ~ 5cm  
Baltic Blue mat
CDN $ 3,500.00
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+ Pillow, Shower Curtain, Tote Bag,
T-Shirt and Round Beach Towel
Additional Cards
for the Wildies
May the spirit of the wild Horses
blow through your Hair.
May the thundering of their Hooves
elevate your Heart.
May the Grace and Beauty that is theirs
flow all around.
And may they be forever Free.
~ nana 2012
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Somewhere ...
Somewhere in Time
Lies a land of lush Wonders
with sparkling Streams
and endless Meadows

the gentle Breeze softly calls
for them to join her

my Heart assures me that
Horses run Free, there
~ nana 1987